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The Andover Jr Sports Association (AJSA) is a dedicated, all-volunteer, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization. Our primary objective is to serve as the 'High School Feeder' developmental program, fostering the growth of youth football and cheer within the Andover community. We serve as the foundational pipeline for the Andover School District's High School Football & Cheer programs at both Andover High and Andover Central High.

We are committed to providing inclusive opportunities for all youth participants within the boundaries of USD 385 or enrolled in Pre-Kindergarten through 6th grade to engage in football, and for those in 3rd through 6th grade to participate in cheerleading.

At AJSA, we emphasize community participation, teamwork, sportsmanship, safety, and dedication. Our objectives are as follows:

  • Offer a platform for children living within the Andover School District, and or enrolled in Pre-K through 6th grade, to develop and bond while learning the fundamentals of football and cheerleading alongside future teammates.
  • Equip each child with the skills and knowledge necessary to contribute positively to Andover's Middle and High School athletics. This includes teaching the rules, proper techniques, safety measures, and fundamental values of the sport.
  • Advocate for the intrinsic value of youth football and cheer, emphasizing the benefits of wholesome competition, the joy of achievement, the significance of commitment, the reality of setbacks, and the importance of community and teamwork.
  • Acknowledge the lessons that losing can impart, such as resilience, humility, perseverance, gaining perspective, and learning from mistakes.
  • Prioritize athlete safety by providing equipment that adheres to the highest standards.

We value our strong partnerships with the Andover School District's High School Football programs and appreciate their active involvement in our organization, including their representation on our Board of Directors. Together, we strive to nurture the next generation of athletes and foster a sense of pride and unity within our community.

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